"Your Growth is Our Growth" In terms of high-tech strategies, LYO not only dedicates itself to researching and developing oil seal products, but also invests heavily in automation machinery and facilities. On the strength of a profound undestanding of the market and chronic dedication to research and development, the company is able to constantly launch new products, develop and adopt auxiliary computer software, and perform data analysis on various materials. Currently, LYO has become a sucessful example of automation to domestic corporations, and this standing granding greatly contributes to its production effectiveness, product quality control, and leading status in technology. Having established dense sales/service networks with agencies abroad, the company is able to provide fast goods delivery and technical services through local sales staff. Our products are sold in every corner of the world, with 70% of them exported to the Americas and Europe and 30%to other areas. In the future, LYO will take the initiative to open up the Middle East market and further increase it's international market share. By doing so, LYO hopes to hold on to its leading role even when it is faced with domestic and international competitors.